Feni Medical Center 3D Acrylic Red Color Signboard in BD

Feni Medical Center Red Color 3D Acrylic Signboard in BD. Feni Medical Center stands tall in the heart of Feni City, providing essential healthcare services to the community. Amidst the bustling city life, the medical center has invested in a standout feature – a remarkable signboard that not only signifies its presence but also serves as a beacon of health in the locality. Medical Center Red Color 3D Acrylic Signboard in BD.

Feni Medical Center 3D Acrylic Red Color Signboard in BD
Feni Medical Center 3D Acrylic Red Color Signboard in BD

Best Feni Medical Signboard

Feni Medical Center 3D Acrylic Red Color Signboard in BD

Feni Medical Center Location

Situated centrally, the medical center strategically occupies a tower in Feni City. This location ensures easy accessibility for residents, making healthcare services readily available when needed. The tower setting further enhances visibility, making the medical center a prominent landmark. Signboard Specifications

The focal point of Feni Medical Center is undoubtedly its striking signboard. With dimensions of 31 feet in width and 4 feet in height, the signboard commands attention. Crafted from acrylic high letters in a vibrant red color, the signboard boasts clarity and visibility, even during nighttime. The investment in such a high-quality signboard reflects the medical center’s commitment to providing top-notch healthcare services.

Feni Medical Center 3D Acrylic Red Color Signboard in BD

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Signboard Price

The price tag of 1 lakh 40 thousand Taka for the primary signboard might raise eyebrows, but the investment is justified. The signboard serves as an essential marketing tool, attracting attention and instilling confidence in the community about the medical center’s services.

Hospital Directional Signage Signboard in BD
Hospital Directional Signage Signboard in BD

3d acrylic red color signboard in BD price

Additional Signboard

In addition to the main signboard, there is another noteworthy installation costing 25 thousand Taka. This secondary signboard, measuring 6 feet by 1.5 feet, contributes to the overall visibility of Feni Medical Center.

Signboard Beater Product

The beater product used for crafting the signboard employs advanced technology, particularly in the acrylic high letter design. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures longevity and durability, making the signboard a worthwhile investment.

The 3D Acrylic Letter LED Sign ACP Board Branding

Importance of Bright Signboard

The brightness of the signboard serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it ensures that the medical center is easily noticeable, even from a distance. Secondly, the brightness contributes to the safety of visitors, especially during nighttime, creating a secure environment for those seeking medical assistance.

Local Community Response

The local community’s response to Feni Medical Center’s prominent signboard has been overwhelmingly positive. Residents appreciate the effort put into creating a visually appealing and easily identifiable healthcare facility.

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Nighttime Visibility

One of the standout features of the signboard is its effectiveness at night. The illuminated sign not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also significantly contributes to the medical center’s functionality during the evening hours.

Signboard as a Marketing Tool

Beyond its practical purpose, the signboard serves as a powerful marketing tool. Its size, color, and location make it a focal point for passersby, contributing to increased awareness of Feni Medical Center and its services.

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Signboard Design Considerations

The design of the signboard is a crucial aspect. Clear, concise, and attractive designs ensure that the message is conveyed effectively. Feni Medical Center has taken careful consideration in designing a signboard that not only reflects its brand but also communicates its commitment to health and wellness.

Signboard’s Impact on Foot Traffic

The increased visibility due to the prominent signboard has led to a noticeable rise in foot traffic. More people are inclined to visit Feni Medical Center, either for immediate healthcare needs or as a result of heightened awareness generated by the signboard.

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Community Engagement Initiatives

Feni Medical Center actively engages with the community through its signboard. Beyond its functional purpose, the signboard becomes a canvas for health awareness campaigns, further solidifying the medical center’s role in community well-being.

Return on Investment

Assessing the return on investment for the signboard goes beyond monetary gains. The increased visibility, positive community response, and enhanced brand recognition contribute to the long-term success of Feni Medical Center.


In conclusion, Feni Medical Center’s decision to invest in a prominent signboard has proven to be a strategic move. The illuminated, well-designed sign not only serves practical purposes but also acts as a symbol of health and care in the heart of Feni city. As you pass by, take a moment to appreciate the effort that goes into making healthcare accessible and visible.

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  1. Is the signboard’s brightness adjustable?
    • Yes, the signboard’s brightness is adjustable, ensuring optimal visibility without causing discomfort.
  2. How often does Feni Medical Center update its signboard?
    • The signboard is updated periodically to incorporate any changes in branding or convey new health messages to the community.
  3. Can the signboard withstand adverse weather conditions?
    • Absolutely. The signboard is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring its longevity.
  4. Are there plans for additional community engagement through the signboard?
    • Yes, Feni Medical Center plans to continue using the signboard for health awareness campaigns and community-focused initiatives.
  5. How has the signboard impacted the medical center’s business?
    • The signboard has significantly increased foot traffic, positively impacting

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